Core buildup is when a full or partial crown is replaced to build a foundation for an indirectly fabricated crown. Prior to crown placement, teeth with extensive damage are built up or filled with a core material. This material creates a preferable tooth shape, preventing gaps or other irregularities that could compromise the structure. Core buildup is recommended when there is not enough of the tooth left to retain a crown due to caries or dental trauma. (This usually happens with less than 50% of the coronal tooth structure remaining.) The buildup itself can be made of many materials and is designed to be:

However, these composite materials can be exposed to the mouth without a dental crown’s placement, wearing down its structure.

Each may also have different composites as well as variations in surface roughness, microstructure and hardness levels that influence the erosion of the core. Studies show that core buildup materials may differ widely in wear value between themselves but do generally show higher resistance than other materials used in restorative dentistry.